Haake Safety Edge and crushing edges

The sensor part of the safety edge or crushing edges is positioned directly behind the front portion of the rubber profile. Separation of the contact position does not rely on a bending of the contact chain, but on the re-direction of the external radial forces to internal axial forces.
crushing edges: Actuation will commence at low actuating forces and after a very short response travel, providing a fast response time. The full remaining height of the rubber profile is available as an over-travel. In particular with regard to the prevention of injuries, large over-travels are of enormous importance for a safety sensitive edge, crushing edges.

Haake supply devices having different materials and closing technologies for indoor or outdoor use, respectively. Our safety edges for outdoor use are vulcanised at the end caps, so that water is not an issue.

Because of the rotationally symmetrical design of the contact chain, our crushing edges, edges can theoretically be operated from any direction, that is, their sensitive range covers 360.

crushing edges

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crushing edges